DLP25 Wired modular probe system

Product Description:

DLP25 is a compact 3D CNC touch probe system for workpice inspection. It adopts a modular combination design. The length of the probe part of the product can be lengthened arbitrarily, and a cable is used to transmit signals between the probe and the receiver. DLP25 uses the stylus to detect the workpiece coordinate system, and then sends a signal through the trigger mechanism inside the probe, which is transmitted to the machine tool system through a cable. The machine tool system calculates and automatically compensates for the coordinate deviation after receiving the signal, so that the machine tool can follow the real coordinates of the workpiece for processing. DLP25 can help companies improve production efficiency and improve product processing accuracy.DLP25 is an on-machine measuring device, mainly used in machine tools such as high-gloss machines and grinders (brackets are required).

Product Detail

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Product Features

1. Repeat positioning accuracy <1um (2σ)
2. Cable signal transmission, the signal is more stable
3. Modular design, adapt to various installation and clamping requirements
4. IP68 top protection level
5. Micro-oscillation self-reset technology, higher stability
6. Trigger life> 10 million times

Product Parameter

Model QIDU DLP25
Repeat positioning accuracy (2σ) <1um (Probe: 50mm, Speed: 50~200mm/min)
Stylus trigger direction ±X,±Y,+Z
Stylus trigger force (probe: 50mm) 0.4~0.8N(XY Plane) 5.8N (Z Direction)
Trigger protection stroke +/-12.5°(XY Plane) 6.35mm(Z Direction)
Signal transmission method Cable
Trigger life >10 million times
Probe weight 80g
Cable 5m oil resistance 4-core φ5mm
Protection level IP68
Operating temperature 0-60℃

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