DOP40 Infrared compact CNC touch probe system

Product Description:

DOP40 is a compact optical transmission touch-probe system produced by Qidu metrology. CNC touch probe The probe applys multi-threshold power control technology and reduce the power consumption significantly, so that the active life is over 1year with normal 3.6V/1200mA battery. Utilizing a dual-channel and intelligent switching technology, the system offers the highest level of resistance to light interference for dense machine conditions. DOP40 system is widely used for workpiece set-up inspection and measurement after machining on small and medium vertical and horizontal machining centre and lathe in the vairous industry, especially in the consumable electronics industry.

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Product Features

CNC touch probe, Machine tool probe

1. Repeat positioning accuracy 2. Infrared signal transmission, equipment can be matched and exchanged at will
3. Multi-threshold ultra-low power consumption control technology, battery life up to 2 years
4. Trigger life> 10 million times
5. Micro-oscillation self-reset technology, higher stability
6. IP68 top protection level
7. Patented magnetic design, more convenient installation


Product Parameter

Model QIDU DOP40
Repeat positioning accuracy (2σ) <1um (Probe: 50mm, Speed: 50~200mm/min)
Stylus trigger direction ±X,±Y,+Z
Stylus trigger force (probe: 50mm) 0.4~0.8N(XY Plane) 5.8N (Z Direction)
Trigger protection stroke +/-12.5°(XY Plane) 6.35mm(Z Direction)
Signal transmission method Optical transmission
Transmission distance 5m
Trigger life >10 million times
Transmission angle 360° along the probe axis
Transmission on Smart switch
Probe weight 280g
Battery Type 2x lithium battery 14250
Battery Life Standby >1080 days
3000 triggers/day 420 days
8000 triggers/day 200 days
15000 triggers/day 120 days
Continuous trigger: >2.5 million times
Protection level IP68
Operating temperature 0-60℃

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