DRP40-M Radio lathe compact probe system

Product Description:

DRP40-M is a compact 3D touch probe system of workpice inspection specially designed for automatic turret lathe and turning-milling composite. The probe shape is designed according to the size of the tool holder, which is convenient for the clamping and receiving of the probe. Radio signal transmission is used between the probe and the receiver. DRP40-M uses the stylus to detect the workpiece coordinate system, and then sends a signal through the trigger mechanism inside the probe. The receiver transmits the signal to the machine tool system after receiving the signal. The machine tool system calculates and automatically compensates for the coordinate deviation after receiving the signal. Let the machine tool perform processing according to the real coordinates of the workpiece. DRP40-M can help companies improve production efficiency and improve product processing accuracy.DRP40-M is an on-machine measuring device, mainly used in turret lathes and turning-milling compound machine tools.

Product Detail

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Product Features

1. Repeat positioning accuracy <1um (2σ)
2. The clamping size of the turning tool is designed, and the clamping direction of the lathe is adjustable
3. The radio signal is transmitted across obstacles at a distance of 15 meters
4. Multi-threshold ultra-low power consumption control technology, battery life up to 2 years
5. Trigger life test> 10 million times
6. IP68 top protection level
7. Patented magnetic design, more convenient installation

Product Parameter

Model QIDU DRP40-M
Repeat positioning accuracy (2σ) <1um (Probe: 50mm, Speed: 50~200mm/min)
Stylus trigger direction ±X,±Y,+Z
Stylus trigger force (probe: 50mm) 0.4~0.8N(XY Plane) 5.8N (Z Direction)
Trigger protection stroke +/-12.5°(XY Plane) 6.35mm(Z Direction)
Signal transmission method Radio transmission
Transmission distance 15m
Trigger life >10 million times
Transmission angle 360° along the probe axis
Radio frequency 433.075MHz ~ 434.650MHz
Number of channels >10000
Channel switch Intelligent frequency cut
Transmission on Smart switch
Probe weight 465g
Battery Type 2x lithium battery 14250
Battery Life Standby >1080 days
3000 triggers/day 460 days
8000 triggers/day 220 days
15000 triggers/day 130 days
Continuous trigger: >2.65 million times
Protection level IP68
Operating temperature 0-60℃

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